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The National Museum of Republic Bashkortostan

The national museum of republic Bashkortostan was founded in 1864 and it is one of the oldest all over Russia. It is interesting to note that it is located in the building that is considered to be architectural monument of the XIXth century.

One of the fathers - founders of the museum was N.A. Gurvich who was the researcher and regional specialist. Subsequently he devoted 40 years for developing his creation. From the first day of the foundation the work directed on creating the unique historical fund, choosing and searching for the material began. The first exposition was opened in September and consisted of unique zoological, botanical, historic and archeological exhibits. And one of the collections - namely numismatic - already at those times was pride of the museum.

It was opened as a small Provincial museum due to employees the exposition constantly amplified and replenished. Since 1920 the regular ethnographic expeditions were organized. Together with Great Patriotic war the difficult times began. Staff was reduced. The staying employees tried to hide and save rare exhibits, however, despite all reasonable efforts, the part of collections sank into oblivion.

Two years later after finishing the Great patriotic war the museum again was opened and within the next ten years it completely changed the exposition. In 1960s the period of museum's development began. The Houses - museums of Ivanov, the 25-th Chapaev's divisions and M. Gafuri were joined to it as branches. Gradually the museum became the center of museum construction in Bashkortostan.

In 1991 the expositions were transported in a new building where till now the museum is situated. Nowadays the museum's collection consists of more than 120 thousand exhibits collected during over 140 years. The basic part of exhibits concerns to archeological finds. One of the most interesting exhibits is a bronze sword from the Hajbullinskiy region and straps which has the form of gold deer from the Gumarovskiy burial mound. In the museum there is a meteorite «the Red key» and besides bone remains of mammal that lived on the territory of republic during 1.8 million years. In the halls devoted to a natural history, it is possible to learn practically everything about a phenomenon of the Bashkir woods- burzyanskaya bee.

One of the largest expositions is connected with the history of edge. It includes 12 halls which tell about the events happened in the territory of republic from the beginning of the XVth century: photos, annals of the trinity church, original documents.

It is impossible to understand the character of the Bushkir culture without exposure to painting. The fund of the museum keeps the works of the well-known artists of Bashkortostan: A.P. Lezhnev, B.F. Domashnikov. The large part of the collection is occupied with D. Burlyuk's pictures.

It is necessary to mention the ethnographic collection of the museum. It is placed in six halls at once and tells about the features of material and spiritual culture of Bashkortostan peoples. The majority of the exhibits characterize a life and culture of the population. Here one can look at ornaments features of house furniture sets for hunting, and also see national suits and dresses not only of Bashkir people but also the Chuvash Tatar, mari and Udmurt clothes.

The admirers of the weapon also will find in the museum a lot of interesting for example assortment of cold and fire-arms of the XVIIth-XXth centuries which is represented with pikes, spears, sabres, pistols, daggers.

The visitors of the museum can learn a lot of information not only about the ancient history but also about those times which were almost recently. One of the expositions contains the photos of A. Zirah's with views of pre-revolutionary Ufa, the collection of personal archives of known scientists and cultural workers. One of the properties of the museum is the numismatic collection which was seriously expanded and added since times of the museum's foundation. Nowadays it consists of more than 16 thousand exhibits. The Pearls of the collection are coins "scale" that dates back to the times of the governing of Ivan III. Besides them, the museum has an extensive collection of gold and silver coins of Russia. The subject of pride is considered to be a sabre, exposed in the museum and belonging according to the legend to the national hero Salavat Yulaev.

The government takes care of the museum's destiny. For example, in 2001 the decision about reconstruction of the museum and renewing its exposition was signed. The museum actively participates in upbringing of new generation; survey and thematic excursions for schoolboys and city's visitors are constantly spent.

The staff of the museum continues to search exhibits and to be engaged in creating museum displays. Besides this museum help to public museums and annually the new exhibitions telling a lot of interesting facts about the history of the republic Bashkortostan are represented to the visitors' attention. Nowadays the museum is located on the area of 5300 sq.m. and it is national property however it isn't the endpoint in the history of its development.