Sea Eye Lake

Lake Sea eye stands out a form, like a volcanic crater with a broken outer wall. This is a relatively young karst failure occurred in the high ledge to 90 m in height. The depth of the lake is 50 meters.The water transparency is significant, up to 5.5 meters, and is characterized by its distinctive emerald green. Local residents called Lake Mushyl. This is true name of the lake.

Stream flows out of the lake. The water is good quality and is used by local people for drinking. The time of the lake’s failure is not known. But there are beautiful legends among local residents about the origin of the lake, passed on from generation to generation. According to one of them once there was a hill on top of which the village was situated. There a boy and a girl lived. They loved each other and decided to marry. They should live happily for a long time, but before the wedding, the local wise woman told lovers a terrible secret that they were brother and sister. Shocked young people mourned, wept, but love was stronger and the wedding all the same was celebrated. But spirits were angry with newlyweds. In the midst of the wedding feast sky clouded over, there was a terrible roar, water gushed from nowhere and the hill together with the village fell through the ground. And instead of the hill there was a lake. They say that in the midnight over the water still one can hear the sad wedding songs and crying of the bride.

If you look at the lake from the top, it really looks like an eye: perfectly round, sea-green and pines stand on the shore, though fluffy lashes. According to legend, long ago Mari peasants found in the lake remains of ancient sea ship. And it seems, water at the bottom of the lake would be salty like in the sea. Hence there is the color of the sea. In fact, small green algae give the lake its unusual emerald blue-green water color. After going down a cliff along a narrow path one can be on a small sandy beach. Summer lake surface warms up to 20° C, but at the bottom of the lake water is very cold, as it is very deep. At the bottom of the lake there are underwater caves, which are still not known. In recent years, on the shores of the lake more and more tourists appear.

Lake Sea eye is a wonderful piece of nature. From a high cliff incredible view opens: the trees, the fields, endless Mari taiga. And nowhere you can see factory chimneys or flying aircraft. And at the bottom under the cliff Lake Sea eye lies. It seems that it is the Earth that looks at us.

Lake Sea eye, Mari El Lake Sea eye, Mari El
Winter on the Sea Eye Lake, Mari El Lake Sea eye, Mari El
Lake Sea eye, Mari El Lake Sea eye, Mari El