Silver Lake (Serebryanoe Lake)

Not far from the settlement Mochalishche, in the upper reaches the Yushut river a beautiful natural pond is situated. Its depth reaches 11 m, and a shape is an oval with an evenly outgoing bottom.

Active rest on the lake is concerned with fishing. Here you can not only see the beauty amenities, but also spend time interesting, fishing excellent.

In a mirror of Lake Silver crowns of the pine forest are reflected. Age-old trees of the thicket are sited around a natural sight – on the plain striated by ancient creases.

The nearest to the lake settlement is Mochalishche (8 km). From it you can reach the lake by car.

The territory between the lakes Boynochnoe, Serebryanoe, Shilma and Oryer (Svenigovsky and Medvedevsky districts) is covered with secret. During Second World War many soldiers of reserves as well as prisoners died from diseases, hunger and cold here. All of them had been buried in these forests in mass graves. Especially at night local people and tourists came across ghosts of people in military uniform and different auditory illusion many a time here.

People explain this everything that the dead are not buried as Christians, and that’s why they can’t find peace. Not long ago near Lake Serebryanoe was placed the monument to the soldiers who have died here.