Volga State University of Technology

Founded in 1932 in Yoshkar-Ola as an Institute of Forestry Engineering with only two departments it became a widely respected and well known institution of higher education in the Volga area of Russia. As a comprehensive university, Volga Tech offers a wealth of academic opportunities, including over 85 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs and more than 50 postgraduate degree programs.

The university enrolls over 12,000 students from Russia and abroad at 10 faculties: Timber Engineering, Mechanics and Machine Building, Radio Engineering, Civil Engineering, Information Technologies and Computer Engineering, Forestry and Ecology, Environmental and Water Management, Social Studies, Management and Law, Economics.

Volga Tech is a dynamically developing university fostering international cooperation and offering its students top-notch education and research opportunities thanks to experienced and highly qualified faculty. Our academic pro-grams combine a deep understanding of theory with practical skills and marketable experience which allow our graduates reach their goals and become successful in their field.

The university continues to construct new facilities to provide students, faculty and staff with an excellent learning, working and recreational environment equipped with superior technological capabilities. Recent projects include accommodating facilities for international students and post-graduates. A new sports center is under construction at the moment.

Explore our website for more information and make plans to come and join our educational community as a full time graduate or postgraduate student, or visiting scholar, or apply to enroll to one of our short term Russian Studies programs to learn more, experience better and make unforgettable memories.


The Regulation by the Board of Higher Education Institutions Department of Narkompros (People’s Commissariat of Education) of RSFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) of November 25, 1918 established the School of Forestry Faculty under Kazan State University, which eventually gives the start to the Technical University in Yoshkar-Ola.

On May 22, 1922 Kazan Institute of Agriculture and Forestry was set up. On the basis of the School of Forestry, Ka-zan Institute of Forestry Engineering was founded in accordance with the regulation issued by the Central Executive Committee and the Council of People`s Commissars of the USSR on July 23, 1930.

By the decision of the USSR Narkomles (People’s Commissariat of Forestry) of June 5, 1932, Kazan Institute of Forestry Engineering was moved to Yoshkar-Ola and renamed as Povolzhskiy Institute of Forestry Engineering, thus becoming the first higher education school of engineering in the area. By the resolution of the Secretariat of Central Executive Committee of the USSR dated December 13, 1932, Povolzhskiy Institute of Forestry Engineer-ing Institute was named after the famous Russian writer Maxim Gorky.

On May 27, 1968 Povolzhskiy Institute of Forestry Engineering named after M. Gorky was reorganized into Mari Polytechnic Institute named after M. Gorky.

On July 1, 1982 Mari Polytechnic Institute named after M.Gorky was awarded with the Order of People`s Friendship for its distinguished service in training of highly skilled specialists for the Soviet economy and achievements in research.

On March 31, 1995 Mari Polytechnic Institute named after M. Gorky was reorganized into Mari State Technical Uni-versity.

In June, 2007 Mari State Technical University merged together with several vocational training institutions: Agricultural College of Yoshkar-Ola, Technical School No.1, Mari Pulp and Paper Production Technical School in Volzhsk, Technical School of Forestry Engineering of Mariinskiy Posad. All these technical schools were given the status of the «Regional Branches» of Mari State Technical University.

On April 18, 2012 due to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Mari State Technical University is transformed into the Volga State University of Technology. The new name of the Volga Tech is to reflect the growing role the university plays in the academic, social and economical development of the wider Volga area of the Russian Federation.

The Volga State University of Technology today:


Web site of Volga State University of Technology: http://eng.volgatech.net